Friday, August 6, 2010

Not Dogs & Robots! What could be better???

Hey guys if you are in the northeast Ohio area ( I know theres a couple of ya) make sure you stop by Bella Dubbi in Lakewood. Oh on Madison ave noon-4 tomorrow 8/7/10. The Cleveland craft coalation will be having a free vegan/vegetarian cook out. Not dogs for all! i will be selling my robots and all of the other little creations Sleepy Robot 13 is known for. If you can't make it tomorrow you can also catch me on 8/14/10 @ Grace parin Akronk and 8/22/10 back in Cleveland @ the Cleveland Scooter rally. I look forward to seeing everyone!


  1. I just saw your work on the homepage of etsy, congrats!!

    Wanted to say your work is adorable, and so unique, trying to choose one is damn hard :)