Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Radioactive Zombie Toast Available Friday!

The Glow in the dark Radioactive version of "Zombie Toast" We be available for a limited time in the Sleepy Robot 13 Shop Starting this Friday 06/03/2011. The cost will be $15 + shipping

"You carelessly left him sitting on top of your microwave to mold. Over along period of time he began to absorb the low levels of radiation, now he is back to seek his revenge on you and your kitchen!"

He has broken out and is attacking everything in site! The jar of Smuckers on your counter has had it, as he claims it's sweet jelly brains for his own and proudly displays them in his moldy hand!

"Zombie Toast Need Grains!"

Each 3" body is hand sculpted from vinyl clay and hand painted. The faces are printed on plastic to ensure the continuity of each figure and placed in a handmade, signed and numbered boxes.

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