Thursday, July 7, 2011

Please Vote For Sleepy Robot 13!

Hello everybody! I really need your help! Sleepy Robot 13 has been chosen as one of the finalists of the 11th Idea Cafe Cash Grant! Voting for the 1st round ends July 31st!

My goal right now is to expand Sleepy Robot 13. Over the next year I hope to accomplish the following:

*Hire 2-3 interns
*Rent a store front/office/studio space
*Fulfill wholesale orders
*Begin offering Sleepy Robot 13 products to retail stores & sites
* Travel to other cities for conventions and industry functions
* Offer craft business seminars locally and online
*a children's book based on Sleepy Robot 13 Characters
*Produce a Sleepy Robot 13 Calendar
*Sleepy Robot 13 T-shirts
* And soooooo much more that I can't even get into right now.

The one thing all of the above takes is money... which I do not have much of. I have been very fortunate to get my business off the ground with very little start up cost, but now in order to grow I am in need of capital.

This particular grant is only for $1000, but it is a start! So if you can take 5 minutes out of your day to vote I would be truly grateful!

Thank you so much :)
Sleepy Robot 13

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