Monday, February 22, 2010

Sugared With Spite

Lately I've been so busy with Sleepy Robot 13. I have almost forgotten about my others shops. Before I started "Sleepy Robot 13" in October of 2009 my main focus was "Sugared with spite clothing", as small clothing line I started with my best friend Vanessa from High school. I would make the designs and she would handle the business aspect. Eventually I wanted to do more than just make designs for T-shirts. So in August of 2009 I decided to use the Etsy account I had just sitting around since 2008 and actually list something in it. I started "Sugared With Spite Jewelry". It began with just a few earrings and expanded into necklaces, rings and even a few one of a kind plush dolls. I'm trying to figure out how to spread my time equally through all of these shops.

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