Friday, February 19, 2010

Zombie Toast Vinyl Update!

Sorry guys no Zombie Toast vinyl any time soon ): All the companies I've contact about turning my guy into a vinyl figure are way more expensive than I can afford right now or anytime in the foreseen near future. I've received a lot of emails over the last few months from people inquiring about or requesting a vinyl, but for right now it's a no go. I'm still working on the mold making process to produce a few resin Zombie Toast figures but it's a very slow trial and error process. I haven't stopped looking into companies, but have not been successful yet in finding one that will do the small run I am looking for (Most companies I have talked to will only do runs as small as 3000-5000 pieces because of the size.) I will keep you guys posted as more develops!

1 comment:

  1. Whatever he is made of, this little guy is ADORABLE. <3

    Have a good weekend!