Monday, November 9, 2009

My Thong Made Me Lose Weight

So I'm moving into a new apartment soon so over the last month and a half I have been organizing and packing. While doing so I came across one of my favorite thongs I haven't worn in a looooonnnng time. It's black and white striped with glittery cherries on the front. Just for shits and giggles I decided to try it on... I couldn't even get it up over my thighs. Granted I knew I still had a lot of baby weight to drop I didn't think I was still that big. I had gained 64lbs while pregnant with my son. I was 210lbs 2 days before having him (My usual weight is around 150).

So not being able to fit into my favorite thong inspired my to loose some weight. So far in the last 2 weeks I've lost about 5lbs. I'll keep you updated on my progress!

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