Sunday, November 8, 2009

Oddmall = BUST!

Though I'm sure several others did well, Oddmall was a bit of a bust for me. I made back my $100 booth fee but only a little over half of my supply cost. Unfortunately the way the Clarion Hotel in Hudson is set up visitors didn't realize that after the main room there were 3 other rooms! All of us in room 2 were brooding most of the day because we didn't see that big of a flow of people that room 1 did. I can imagine room 3 and 4 were the same. Andy who put the event on tried to move traffic along to the other rooms, did so without much success. The majority of my sales came from other vendors. I believe if I had been in the main room I would have turned a profit. It was my own fault though I found out about the show late and booked my booth late. I was lucky to even get into room 2 as most of the spots were taken. If I choose to do the show again next year I will book earlier.

All in all despite dismal sales I met a lot of cool artists and got some good advise on events I should and shouldn't set up at. One person told me he did well at October fest of all places with his horror art. He said that he made $4000 over the weekend there.

Anyways lesson learned! Now I'm hitting the internet to find more Indie craft shows and conventions coming up in the near future to peddle my wares lol! If anyone knows of anywhere please let me know (:

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