Sunday, April 24, 2011

Custom Orders

Since my waiting list is starting to get impossibly long, I will NOT be taking any new custom item requests until further notice. Yes this includes wedding orders. Once I begin taking requests again I will post that information here.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

New Items!

If you haven't checked out the Sleepy Robot 13 Shop in a while there are a few new bots fresh off the assembly line!

Check back in the next week as tons of new robot buddies are added!

Unfortunately to make room for new bots, we have to say goodbye to some old friends. Check the last chance/discontinued section of the Sleepy Robot 13 shop for items that will soon be no longer available. Once they're gone they're gone!

2000 Sales!!!

Last Thursday I made my 2000th sale on Etsy! It has been a year and a half since starting Sleepy Robot 13 and opening my shop and I want to thank everyone who has helped my business grow over that time. Without all of you I couldn't do what I love for a living and that means the world to me!

Etsy Expert?

So over the weekend I set up at a 2 day craft show. On the morning of day 2 before the show started the individuals who put on the show brought in an Etsy "expert" to do a presentation for us. I was a little disappointed. Not to say that the speaker was not good or qualified, it just seemed that the seminar was only helpful if you were not already running a shop on Etsy or you had just started in the last few months. I was hoping for tips on drawing more people to your page, Elaborate details on SCO (search engine optimization), how to use Social Networking Correctly (There are many Etsy sellers currently spamming Twitter into oblivion!) and so forth. There was very little of this. He mentioned he had written a book and interviewed over 40 top selling Etsy sellers, including a woman who has 40,000 sales selling soap on Etsy. The fist thing I thought when I heard this was..."Wait...What? 1st how do you sell 40,000 pieces of soap and 2nd how do I sign up for HER seminar???" I do believe this was great seminar for some of the older vendors who were at the show who only sell at craft shows and fairs and in consignment shops, who have not yet ventured into online sales. It offered little for us that have been there for a while and looking to take the next step.