Saturday, January 30, 2010

I Love Zombies Day

Who needs a Hallmark holiday like Valentine's Day when you can profess your love for the undead? "I Love Zombies Day" will be celebrated on February 13th.

What? You've never heard of I Love Zombies Day? That's because this is the first. The folks at are celebrating the occasion by giving away shirts to a few lucky folks who send in pics of their celebration. So regardless whether you will be reading a zombie book, watching zombie movies, playing zombie games, or walking around your neighborhood like a zombie; capture the moments and email them for a chance to win a shirt.

Click here for full details.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Not Juried In...

I always get a little bummed out when I'm not picked for a show, especially one I am really looking forward to. I applied for the Bazaar Bizarre Valentine show over a month ago when I first heard about it and had already begun making stuff for it, then WHAM! Today I get an email stating I wasn't admitted to the show as a vendor and my table fee would be refunded. I have been a little depressed about this all day because I really wanted to do this show and it kinda made me feel like my stuff wasn't good enough ):

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sprucing Up Booth

So I've only done a few craft/art shows so far and I haven't really been too pleased with how my booth has looked. Over the last few weeks I have purchased a few things to make my booth stand out and not look so cluttered. I usually take a lot of stuff to shows, my figurines and jewelry.

I didn't have a lot of cash to spend so I tried to find some cheapy alternatives. Hopefully some of my ideas will help others trying to spruce up their booths!

1)Backdrop- So I got this idea from going to conventions where many of the booths had colorful backdrops that stood out in the crowd of mostly black. I figured I could use this during shows where I am in a space against a wall. Backdrops can be very pricey, so I bought bed sheets... that's right I said bed sheets! I bought these on ebay for $17.99. They are "Morgan's Kids" twin sheets. They are very bright and have an awesome tattoo influenced pattern screened on them. Their light weight and can be thrown up quickly (If you have some help) with a few tacks.

2)Display stands- This one is really cool. I wanted a way to display a few of the different variations of my "Bad Brian" figures. I was able to find a solar powered rotating display stand for under $12 on ebay. Doesn't need batteries or electricity which is great for outdoor shows! Even though it is solar powered it works indoors under regular light bulbs. I was actually able to but 2 mini spotlights at a local dollar store to attach to the sides of the display to keep it turning.

3)Risers- I learned when looking for a display stand, you don't always have to look for a display stand...did that make any sense? I was able to search around on the web and found nail polish racks that are perfect for displaying all of my robots. It was under $20 and holds almost 35 of my figures. It is made out of thick plastic.

I did buy one actual table riser. It was about $25 on ebay and it is made of cardboard. I bought a card board on because it was light weight, breaks down easily and lays flat. Eventually I plan to start doing some shows out of state an this would be easy to ship if necessary. It is very sturdy and the seller also had available cloth slip covers that go over the riser to make it looks more professional. I tried making one of these myself once and it fell apart by my 2nd show...

I have a show coming up soon so hopefully I can post pics of the new booth layout!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


So tomorrow Thursday 1/21/2009 noon until midnight EVERYTHING in my Sleepy Robot 13 Shop will be buy 1 get 1 1/2 off! Just add 2 or more items to your cart and after checkout a partial refund will be issued back to your Pay Pal account for the equal or lowest priced item(s).

If figurines aren't what your after and Jewelry is more your fare, check out my Sugared With Spite shop. All items in the Sugared with Spite shop are buy 3 get the 4th free. Everything in this shop is $10 and under!

Sorry you cannot combine items from the 2 shops.

Please also check out these other AMAZING shops who will also have BOGO deals all day long Thursday 1/21/10

Rocky The Zombie Punk Rock Zombie Shop
aNGrYGiRL Gear
Night's Requiem
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Chyld's Crafts
Smarmy Clothes
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WickedBadNaughty Glass
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Monday, January 18, 2010

That's Just Wrong...

So I came across this on Etsy the other day. There is a gentleman who owns a farm in Greenwood who has taken up the hobby of taxidermy. "What's so wrong about that?" you say? Well, He does a special sort of taxidermy. He takes still born baby lambs from his farm and turns them into unicorns and sells them on Etsy for $600-$1000 a pop...Yes I said UNICORNS!

I don't have a problem with taxidermy if the animal died of natural causes, but turning one animal into another seems a little wrong. Oh! And don't worry if unicorns don't do it for ya, in this same shop you can also get a sleeping squirrel or a baby goat.

Now while we're on the subject of turning one animal into another... Let me introduce you to Url. I also found Url for sale on Etsy. Url is a taxidermy fish in a squirrel suit, And for the mere price of $1,000.00 you can bring Url Home!

This one is just out there!

Don't worry if you can't afford the taxidermy sculpture You can bring home a T-shirt with Url immortalized on it! Now available in both Guy and Girls sizes.

Other gems this shop has to offer include:

Amazing Young Graffiti Artist

I wanted to introduce you to Kim-lan a 22 year old graffiti artist from France. I first saw Kim-lan's work when my friend Vanessa and I launched our small clothing line "Sugared With Spite" in 2007. At that time Kim-lan was still spray painting pictures of Tom and Bill Kaulitz of Tokio Hotel on walls around her city (She is a big fan of Tom and sometimes emulates his dress). Celebrities are a huge influence on her art. She has painted Tokio Hotel, Rihanna ,Aaliyah and Tila Tequila to name a few. In a few short years she has expanded into so much more. She has started her own clothing line "Kim-Lan 78", custom shoes, posters, paintings and much more. She has been featured in magazines in France and shows no signs of slowing down. It makes me happy to see a young level headed artist that is more concerned about her art than her rep. I wish her luck in all of her future endeavors and hope to collaborate with her soon on a logo. Please scroll through the photos of her work below and don't forget to check out her spreadshirt shop

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Ghetto? I think not...

Ok I don't rant that often, but I had to today. Don't you hate those people who act ghetto or describe themselves as ghetto when they live in the suburbs or they live in a city, state or even country that doesn't have ghettos??? I can understand trying to portray a certain image because you like it or you respect elements of it, but I don't respect pretending to be something your not! Fine whatever act like your ghetto, but there is a big damn difference between "being" ghetto and "being" an idiot! Speak fucking English! When having a conversation, typing an email, blogging, filling in information on a website, writing a letter. Please try to be grammatically correct! I can understand a few misspellings here and there and maybe the wrong use of a word, But don't make up your own words or shorten them so much you can't understand what the fuck your saying!!!! Outside of texting this is not okay. Oh and guys not every woman is a shorty or a baby girl. We sure as hell aren't your "Ma". I'm tired of opening email that begin with "Waz Good with it Baby gurl?" Really? I mean really? I know most people will say that's just how people talk. Yes is how "some" people talk, but me I still value actually intelligent conversation.

Friday, January 15, 2010

An All Around Awesome Week!

So this week was pretty cool. I'm going to be featured in an issue of Synergy magazine, I have a Radio interview in Florida at the end of the month, I'll be apart of the Cirque Imaginaire Art Show / Bazaar in March and I just saved a bunch of money on my car insurance! lol (I had to throw in that last one, it just seemed appropriate.)Now if the weekend is as good as the rest of the week has been I may go into awesome overload!

Very Cool Feature on a Very cool Blog

Today my work was featured on The Meandering Musings of a Consummate Shoppper. They posted an article on my shop and robots that was very complimenting and well written. When you have a moment I'd advise you to check out their shop Bits n' Beads. They have some amazing Jewelry and Accessories. I love their use of color. Tell em' Sleepy Robot 13 sent ya! (:

Final Robot Idea Contest Winners

Here are the final winners of the Robot Idea Contest:

Carmen Miranda Robot (head dress with a few gadgets thrown in along with fruit)-(Samantha)

You Complete Me Robot....plug and socket-(guurrrl)

Congratulations! and I will be contacting you shortly for your mailing information.

There were no 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place winners in this contest. I was top 3. Originally 14 ideas were submitted and I narrowed those down to 9. To be fair I posted an open voting poll to pick the top 3. Here are the results of the poll.

I really enjoyed reading everyone's ideas and making these robots. I'm sorry that not everyone was happy with the design of their robots, but again this was an idea not a design contest. Someone on twitter and in their blog said that I robbed someone of their idea for my own benefit. The only benefit I got from this contest was to make one of a kind figures for some awesome people based on their ideas. I paid for the supplies, I took the time to make the figures and I'm mailing them for free. I am not going to remake these robots and sell them, so I am unsure what "Benefit" this person was speaking of. Art is about interpretation and these were my interpretations of the ideas submitted. This will not detour me from having contests like this again in the future, if anything it has just reiterated that "You cannot please everyone" (:

Oh and on a related note the Dj robot created for this contest has found a home. Another blog reader has emailed me and said she would love to take him. Thank you to everyone who emailed wanting to take in this little orphan.

I didn't really win did I?

The following comments were left on my previous blog entry from the 1st announced "Winner" of the Robot Idea contest.

"yeah well done me ...NOT! Or tho your Design of a DJ Robot looks kinda cute and all, this Robot is not " Im the DJ" Designed by Kayleigh Doughty at all. So technically I didn't win - my idea was just robbed! An the people who voted to see the design brought to life where also.

Bit of a un-fair contest by a self proclaimed artists, last time i enter any more of deez! If anyone cares to disagree feel free to hit me up at - An let this be a lesson to all up and coming artists! Peace.

Ps - don't bother sending me the Robot, im

This kind of confused me as the person posted this comment after direct messaging this to me on twitter

"ok cool thanks, its a shame you didn't stick to my design! It looks completely different, but still rad never the less!"

That had mad me think they thought the robot was cool but were a little upset that it wasn't completely their original design. When I first read it I felt a little bad and started to remake the figure like the original drawing submitted.I had only added more to it because I liked the idea, but the design seemed a little light to me. I was also amazed to find that this person after this continued to slam the contest on twitter and their personal blog(here).

I will say that they have every right to be upset that the figure was not their exact design, but art is about interpretation and this was my interpretation. Also As I said from the beginning this was a robot Idea contest not a robot design contest.

I have since emailed the "winner" and offered to remake the figure exactly like their original drawing. So well see what they say. Anyways moving on....

The point of this contest was to have people submit ideas for robots and the top 3 would get a one of a kind robot. I was not going to take the ideas and remake them over and over to sell. Staying true to that instead of selling the DJ robot I already have made I am going to give it away Free to the first person that emails me stating they want it

Thursday, January 14, 2010

1st Robot Idea Contest Winner Announced

Voting in the robot idea contest has ended and the 1st winner is:

"I'm The DJ" Robot By Kayleigh Doughty

This is the image that was submitted to the contest:

This is my sculpture adaptation. I tried to keep it close to the original submission but add a little more too.

I will be announcing the other winners and the adjoining figures over the next week. So keep checking back.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Limited Edition "Zombie Bad Brian" Released

"Zombie Bad Brian" is available in a very limited run. Only 7 figures will be made available online. Only 15 will be made.

PRESS: "Ah, to be a kid zombie.. Destructive and craving Brains!"

Each figure comes with different removable weapon stolen from some unsuspecting victims kitchen and a fresh brain(More combination avail. than pictured).

Some accessories available in the Bad Brian collection include rolling pins, meet tenderizers, knives, wooden spoons, spatulas and salad forks just to name a few...

Zombie Brian's ribs glow in the dark.

As the figure is blind boxed you will not know what weapon you have received until you open the box.

Bad Brian Stands about 3".

Each custom "Bad Brian" box is signed and numbered.

He is on sale now! Click Here

You can also check out the original Bad Brian Here