Friday, January 25, 2013

It's Been AWHILE!!!

Hi everyone! Anyone still here??? I know it has been a long time since my last post here but I assure you I am still around. 2012 was a very CRAZY year with the opening and unfortunate closing of my retail store (bad timing, bad location, bad economy, blah, blah, blah), health and personal issues. It was a rough year, but hey you live and you learn!
NEW SHOP! 2013 is a new beginning and I've got A LOT in the works for the upcoming months! First I have launched a new shop "Sleepy Zombie 13." Here you will find one of a kind zombie related sculptures as well as other one of a kind art work that doesn't really fit my Sleepy Robot shop. There will also be cards, plush, jewelry and T-shirts available there soon as well!
Stickam/Youtube LIVE video Casts I have launched a Stickam site. I will from time to time stream live videos from my studio of contest announcements, tutorials, Q&As and sometimes me just working on robots. I will try to post something on the official Sleepy Robot 13 Facebook page when I am broadcasting. You can follow my live stickam casts HERE. I will still periodically post videos on the Sleepy Robot 13 Youtube page. If you haven't subscribed you can do so HERE!
Official Site Update In addition to this blog, has not been updated in AGES! I will be working on that a lot in the next week or so. Eventually I'd like to do a complete overhaul and new design for the site.
2013 Valentine's Day Robots I have a ton of new Valentine's/love themed robots available in the shop. These are VERY limited, only 3-6 of each robot was made and they are only available January-February or until they sell out. Once they are gone, they're GONE! You can check out all of the Valentine's robots currently available HERE. Gift Guides: I have gotten many emails in the past from customers wanting recommendations for which robot they should get for their moms, dads, boyfriend/girlfriend, bff, ect. I think I have come up with an easy solution for this using Etsy treasuries to create gift guides. I am going to try to make a guide for the major holidays and individual people you may have in your life (ie. Co-workers, friends,parents, significant other, ect.) I am going to try to make all of these gift guides available in one section on soon. For an example please check out my Valentine's Gift Guide.
Robot Of the Month Through out 2013 I will be adding a new robot to the shop that will be available for 1 month only or until it sells out. There will only be 6-12 of each robot made available. They will be first come first serve and once they are gone, they are gone for good. This includes recreating them for custom orders. I will be posting the first limited edition robot the last week of January.
Facebook If you have not already "Liked" Sleepy Robot 13 on Facebook...What are you waiting for??? You're missing out. I update there more fairly often. 2013 is here help spread the word about Sleepy Robot 13 and together we can make it great!

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