Saturday, January 16, 2010

Ghetto? I think not...

Ok I don't rant that often, but I had to today. Don't you hate those people who act ghetto or describe themselves as ghetto when they live in the suburbs or they live in a city, state or even country that doesn't have ghettos??? I can understand trying to portray a certain image because you like it or you respect elements of it, but I don't respect pretending to be something your not! Fine whatever act like your ghetto, but there is a big damn difference between "being" ghetto and "being" an idiot! Speak fucking English! When having a conversation, typing an email, blogging, filling in information on a website, writing a letter. Please try to be grammatically correct! I can understand a few misspellings here and there and maybe the wrong use of a word, But don't make up your own words or shorten them so much you can't understand what the fuck your saying!!!! Outside of texting this is not okay. Oh and guys not every woman is a shorty or a baby girl. We sure as hell aren't your "Ma". I'm tired of opening email that begin with "Waz Good with it Baby gurl?" Really? I mean really? I know most people will say that's just how people talk. Yes is how "some" people talk, but me I still value actually intelligent conversation.

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  1. THANK YOU! I am so fed up of saying this exact thing. It's crept into my daughters language and typing and I'm sure it will affect her grammar at school if it hasn't already. If you really MUST do it in texting, fine. But elsewhere... NO!