Monday, January 18, 2010

That's Just Wrong...

So I came across this on Etsy the other day. There is a gentleman who owns a farm in Greenwood who has taken up the hobby of taxidermy. "What's so wrong about that?" you say? Well, He does a special sort of taxidermy. He takes still born baby lambs from his farm and turns them into unicorns and sells them on Etsy for $600-$1000 a pop...Yes I said UNICORNS!

I don't have a problem with taxidermy if the animal died of natural causes, but turning one animal into another seems a little wrong. Oh! And don't worry if unicorns don't do it for ya, in this same shop you can also get a sleeping squirrel or a baby goat.

Now while we're on the subject of turning one animal into another... Let me introduce you to Url. I also found Url for sale on Etsy. Url is a taxidermy fish in a squirrel suit, And for the mere price of $1,000.00 you can bring Url Home!

This one is just out there!

Don't worry if you can't afford the taxidermy sculpture You can bring home a T-shirt with Url immortalized on it! Now available in both Guy and Girls sizes.

Other gems this shop has to offer include:


  1. good lord! lol. I don't get people who have dead animals in their homes, it would creep me out. Though I've only really seen them in the natural history museum.


  2. Oh dear - I find it very sad. Poor things - I know they're dead but to end up like that afterwards :(