Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sprucing Up Booth

So I've only done a few craft/art shows so far and I haven't really been too pleased with how my booth has looked. Over the last few weeks I have purchased a few things to make my booth stand out and not look so cluttered. I usually take a lot of stuff to shows, my figurines and jewelry.

I didn't have a lot of cash to spend so I tried to find some cheapy alternatives. Hopefully some of my ideas will help others trying to spruce up their booths!

1)Backdrop- So I got this idea from going to conventions where many of the booths had colorful backdrops that stood out in the crowd of mostly black. I figured I could use this during shows where I am in a space against a wall. Backdrops can be very pricey, so I bought bed sheets... that's right I said bed sheets! I bought these on ebay for $17.99. They are "Morgan's Kids" twin sheets. They are very bright and have an awesome tattoo influenced pattern screened on them. Their light weight and can be thrown up quickly (If you have some help) with a few tacks.

2)Display stands- This one is really cool. I wanted a way to display a few of the different variations of my "Bad Brian" figures. I was able to find a solar powered rotating display stand for under $12 on ebay. Doesn't need batteries or electricity which is great for outdoor shows! Even though it is solar powered it works indoors under regular light bulbs. I was actually able to but 2 mini spotlights at a local dollar store to attach to the sides of the display to keep it turning.

3)Risers- I learned when looking for a display stand, you don't always have to look for a display stand...did that make any sense? I was able to search around on the web and found nail polish racks that are perfect for displaying all of my robots. It was under $20 and holds almost 35 of my figures. It is made out of thick plastic.

I did buy one actual table riser. It was about $25 on ebay and it is made of cardboard. I bought a card board on because it was light weight, breaks down easily and lays flat. Eventually I plan to start doing some shows out of state an this would be easy to ship if necessary. It is very sturdy and the seller also had available cloth slip covers that go over the riser to make it looks more professional. I tried making one of these myself once and it fell apart by my 2nd show...

I have a show coming up soon so hopefully I can post pics of the new booth layout!

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