Saturday, January 9, 2010

Limited Edition "Zombie Bad Brian" Released

"Zombie Bad Brian" is available in a very limited run. Only 7 figures will be made available online. Only 15 will be made.

PRESS: "Ah, to be a kid zombie.. Destructive and craving Brains!"

Each figure comes with different removable weapon stolen from some unsuspecting victims kitchen and a fresh brain(More combination avail. than pictured).

Some accessories available in the Bad Brian collection include rolling pins, meet tenderizers, knives, wooden spoons, spatulas and salad forks just to name a few...

Zombie Brian's ribs glow in the dark.

As the figure is blind boxed you will not know what weapon you have received until you open the box.

Bad Brian Stands about 3".

Each custom "Bad Brian" box is signed and numbered.

He is on sale now! Click Here

You can also check out the original Bad Brian Here

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