Friday, January 15, 2010

I didn't really win did I?

The following comments were left on my previous blog entry from the 1st announced "Winner" of the Robot Idea contest.

"yeah well done me ...NOT! Or tho your Design of a DJ Robot looks kinda cute and all, this Robot is not " Im the DJ" Designed by Kayleigh Doughty at all. So technically I didn't win - my idea was just robbed! An the people who voted to see the design brought to life where also.

Bit of a un-fair contest by a self proclaimed artists, last time i enter any more of deez! If anyone cares to disagree feel free to hit me up at - An let this be a lesson to all up and coming artists! Peace.

Ps - don't bother sending me the Robot, im

This kind of confused me as the person posted this comment after direct messaging this to me on twitter

"ok cool thanks, its a shame you didn't stick to my design! It looks completely different, but still rad never the less!"

That had mad me think they thought the robot was cool but were a little upset that it wasn't completely their original design. When I first read it I felt a little bad and started to remake the figure like the original drawing submitted.I had only added more to it because I liked the idea, but the design seemed a little light to me. I was also amazed to find that this person after this continued to slam the contest on twitter and their personal blog(here).

I will say that they have every right to be upset that the figure was not their exact design, but art is about interpretation and this was my interpretation. Also As I said from the beginning this was a robot Idea contest not a robot design contest.

I have since emailed the "winner" and offered to remake the figure exactly like their original drawing. So well see what they say. Anyways moving on....

The point of this contest was to have people submit ideas for robots and the top 3 would get a one of a kind robot. I was not going to take the ideas and remake them over and over to sell. Staying true to that instead of selling the DJ robot I already have made I am going to give it away Free to the first person that emails me stating they want it


  1. I really liked your interpretation of the design. I submitted an entry and even though I did not send a drawing I would have appreciated seeing any interpretation of the design. This was a great contest and I do not quite understand the bitterness of the comments sent.

  2. Haha, I just read that person's blog rant there...ridiculous!

    I'm sorry, but what a load of pretentious nonsense. You'd swear she was exhibiting at the Louvre or something. If she was going to be so precious about her design, why didn't she go out and buy some clay and make it herself? After all, she is such a 'Great Artist' apparently. Lol.

    Frankly, the two designs were really quite similar. But yours was better.

    I understand people being disappointed by editing of their work - I've had articles edited before where my paragraphing was messed up, or where the editor had changed what I'd said and made it grammatically incorrect! But I really cannot see that you have 'ruined' this in such a I's pretty damn similar!

  3. I sit here shaking my head in disbelief. Some people are unbelievable. Please don't let this person get you down, I personally love your interpretation - so cute!